Vol. 3 No. 2 (2024): June CJMS

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Editor's Note

    Summer has arrived, and my rose garden is in glorious bloom. Welcome to the June issue of our Journal.

    We are pleased to greet two new contributors to our Poetry Section: Kote Ergemlidze from Georgia and Psalmuel Benjamin Oluvasheun from Nigeria. They are both young men and both of them deal in their poems with painful aspects of the human condition, death and grief.

    Professor Edward Raupp offers an article reflecting on the journey as allegory; the continuation of his epic, Ares: A Poem, Books VI and VII; and in the Research Section, a playful AI creation about John Milton. (Whoever thought you could be playful about John Milton?)

    Thanks to Eter Churadze for her Georgian-to-English translation that introduces us to another  Georgian poet new to the Journal: Galaktion Tabidze.

    Tedo Sharadenidze returns with another short story, this one about love, but you’re not sure about that until the last line!

    Thanks to all our contributors for sharing their creative efforts. We enjoy and appreciate each one of them.

Warm regards,
Danna Raupp


Published: 2024-06-25


The Short Story